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  • START a Blog: Blogging is for anyone who has interest and knowledge of a particular topic that will interest and benefit people. People are constantly surfing the internet for information on different topics ranging from how to make slimes, how to cook to travelling tips. You can never runout of topics.
  • Web designing is a very cheap way of making money. You can learn about how to design for free on youtube and udemy and you can start making money with that. Start by designing yourself a website. You can domain name from godaddy and hosting from hostgator. You can go on fiverr to advertise your skills.
  • Fiverr : if you have any skills that can be provided digitally e.g web design, writing, app developing, digital marketing, logo designing, data entry and the list goes on and on. Then fiverr is the place for you. It is also free to place your ads.
  • Affiliate marketing: This is simply advertising other people’s products and getting paid for it. Imagine the number of times you have recommended products/services to friends and families for free. Now imagine being paid for it. IMPACT RADIUS, CLICKBANK, REFER ME HAPPY are online websites where you can find companies and brands to advertise for. You get paid once once a sale comes through your referral. No cost at all.
  • Sell on shopify: shopify is an ecommerce platform that allows vendors to use their shopping cart solution to sell, ship and manage products. Its more like renting their website to advertise your products. They normally have free days of trial but with covid-19, it has being increased to 90 days free trial. There are a lot you can do on your shopify store, starting from t-shirt printing, dropshipping etc. read more on shopify here
  • Print on Demand: This is like the latest and reigning form of print on business. As the name suggests, the printing is only done went there is demand for it. So as little as one good design is enough to start. Companies like printful takes care of it all for you from inventory to delivery to your customers. All you need to get started is a beautiful design that people will love.
  • Create a Youtube video: Making money on Youtube can be one of the easiest ways of make money online from your mobile phone. All you need is an idea, knowledge, passion for a topic that people will find interesting and benefit from. Youtube pays $100 per 1000 view. Now this is a venture worth exploring. From making kids video to how to solve a problem video. The list is inexhaustible!
  • Create an online course: make money by creating an online course on a topic you are very knowledgeable and passionate about. Loads of people now opt for online learning where they can learn on the go from anywhere. This is only going to increase especially because of the recent covid 19 pandemic.
  • Online photography: wondering how can you make money selling photos online? Well its easy, you can turn your good quality photographs to cash from the following websites istock photos, shutterstock, pexel.com.
  • Dropshipping : This is my own favourite. Dropshipping allows you to sell any product of any kind to any part of the world without even touching the product. Here is how it works, search for suppliers of products you wanna be selling, advertise and get buyers, buyer places order and pays , you send the order and pay to supplier who processes everything and sends to buyer. You keep your profit without keeping stock or inventory. Shopify is one of the best platforms for this. Checkout more about shopify here.

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